Oak Frames

The frames in oak essence of the Fine Arts collection have an undisputed charm. Made of European oak, their peculiarity lies in the naturalness of the essence, in fact they are neither coloured nor painted but left in their natural state, so that it is the softness of the wood given by the manual sanding to speak.

Each oak frame is worked in an exclusive way. Beyond the reference measurements you can request your custom frame made to measure.


With the oak frames there are 4 possibilities regarding the shapes: a frame in oak wood closed on the side thanks to a double tapping in ebonized wood or in linden, a frame in oak wood closed on the side thanks to a single tapping in linden, and two also in oak closed on the back with metal staples.

What is tapping?

It is the insertion of wooden cores, in this case ebonized wood or linden, which have the function of keeping the joint of the frame tight.

What is stapling?

The corners are secured by staples on the backside, is an alternative to tapping and is cheaper.

In oak frames, both with tapping and with scratched shape you can:

  • insert a spacer or a decorative accessory
  • insert glass or plexiglass
  • insert Laminil up to 100 × 150 cm
  • insert MDF without clips for all sizes (cut as a base as an alternative to Laminil)
  • insert MDF with clips up to a size of 24×30 cm
  • realize the subframe from the size of 24×30 cm onwards: also included are the screws for
  • mounting and, if required, the attachments to fix the frame to the wall

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