Linden Frames

Linden is a very versatile essence, it lends itself to many processes; the frames made with this material can be many and different from each other. The essence of linden has a compact pore that is excellent for receiving any type of processing. We use European linden in solid wood. Beyond the reference measurements you can request your custom frame made to measure.


There are 94 shapes available in 85 colours in production. A selection of these is shown in the catalogue.

The linden frame can be either scratched or tapped, depending on the height of the shape is decided if single or double to respect the proportions and make sure that overall is always elegant and balanced.

In the linden frames you can:

  • paint the wood of the colour you prefer according to the colour chart
  • insert the spacer or the decorative accessory
  • insert glass or plexiglass
  • insert LAMINIL up to a size of 100 × 150 cm
  • insert MDF without clips for all sizes (cut as a base as an alternative to Laminil)
  • insert MDF with clips up to a size of 24×30 cm
  • realize the subframe from size 24×30 cm onwards: also included are the screws for mounting and,
  • if required, the attachments to fix the frame to the wall


Processing is different for each shape.

Each shape requires specific and adequate thicknesses of planks, it must be framed in a different way: the smallest shapes are those that require greater attention because given the size and degree of precision required may present more difficulties in the processing phase.

Modifications can be applied to each of the linden frames: they can be customized to meet even the most unusual needs. Every single piece is processed manually, you can make small changes or more important interventions.

Before leaving the workshop, each frame goes through quality control, then it is individually wrapped, packaged and shipped.

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