Pine Frames

Pine wood frame for photos

This frame is made of essence of pine with cherry tree thread.

It is very demanding from the workmanship point of view: despite this, thanks to the experience gained over time, this collection brings out from every frame the softness of the lines and the sinuosity of the veins typical of this essence. Beyond the reference measurements you can request your custom frame made to measure.

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The pine frame of the Fine Arts collection is made of two assembled parts that make it lighter and double tapped. You can buy it in all the sizes and colours you want by customizing the pine part but not the solid cherry tree thread that is left in its natural state.

In pine frames you can:

  • the decorative accessory is included: the cherry tree thread
  • insert glass or plexiglass
  • insert LAMINIL up to a size of 100 × 150 cm
  • insert MDF without clips for all sizes (cut as a base as an alternative to Laminil)
  • insert MDF with clips up to a size of 24×30 cm
  • realize the subframe from size 24×30 cm onwards: also included are the screws for mounting and, if required, the attachments to fix the frame to the wall


The processing of pine frames starts from the careful selection of the wood that is chosen among the best around.

We start with the moulding of the raw rods to give the shape; among these moulded rods we make the sorting of those that are suitable to be cut with the required measures; they are assembled with a double tapping, the sides are calibrated and smoothed. Sanding and edging are done manually, followed by colouring (preliminary sanding has allowed the hair to be removed), followed by finishing with resins and conditioner made with a cloth.

Before leaving the laboratory, each frame goes through quality control, then it is individually wrapped, packaged and shipped.

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