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Understanding a work through the frame
Dettaglio cornice per mostre e musei

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Rufus Photo Hub is the collection of Studio Rufus dedicated to exhibition frames.

Each frame is given attention at every stage of processing and even before, in the search for the best wood, in the selection of the mouldings, each with its own soul, individually crafted, from design to delivery. The craftsmanship is never lost even when several pieces of the same product are made.

During the working of a frame, visible and invisible questions are resolved: the right shape and essence are decided, the thickness of the glass and the spacers are calculated according to the work to be framed, the material with which it is best to close the frame is decided, the subframe is inserted according to the weight and size of the work.

All the work behind it will appear in your hands, in a frame made with the rule of good practice.

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Linden Frames

Cornice per foto su misura in pino

Linden is a very versatile essence, it lends itself to many processes; the frames made with this material can be many and different from each other.

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Oak Frames

Dettaglio cornice per mostre e musei

The frames in oak essence of the Rufus Photo Hub collection have an undisputed charm.

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Pine Frames

Pine wood frame for photos

This frame is made of essence of pine with cherry tree thread. This collection brings out from every frame the softness of the lines and the sinuosity of the veins typical of this essence.

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